Lawn Services

Todd’s Lawn and Landscape Care prides itself in providing a professional approach to lawn and landscape care.

Lawn Care

TLC has developed a variety of lawn programs with over 17 years of experience in our area. Our approach to lawn care is different than the “one size fits all” mentality of the large national companies. Our area is unique in its growing season, turf types and soil. TLC uses special blends of fertilizers designed specifically for the soils and turf types that grow in Coastal Carolina. Slow release fertilizers are the foundation of our fertility program. The sandy soils in our area require the use of slow release fertilizers to maintain excellent color through the growing season. Our recommended lawn program is the “ShowPlace Program” which consists of a 7 step program.
Weed insect and disease control is used in a targeted approach and we try at all costs to avoid “blanket” applications. With each visit, expert recommendations will be made regarding your lawn.

     Fertility - TLC uses soil fertility as the foundation for our lawn programs.  

     Weed Control - TLC is very familiar with all of the weed varieties in this area and uses a variety of control methods.

     Insect Control - TLC understands that each turf variety has different insect problems. We have designed insect control programs for each 
        turf type.
Core AerationTLC recommends aeration be done annually. The benefits of an aerating are water infiltration, relieves soil compaction, provides much needed oxygen to grass roots and it assists the environment with decomposition which reduces thatch.

Tree, Shrub and Palm Services

Todd’s Lawn and Landscape Care prides itself in providing a professional approach to lawn and landscape care.

Tree & Shrub Care (Palm Specialists)

TLC has developed a variety of tree & shrub programs to benefit the various landscape plants in our area. Our approach to the trees and shrubs is much like our approach to the lawn – no 2 landscapes are the same – so their maintenance programs should not be the same. Our program and consist of as many as 7 visits to maintain your beautiful landscape.
Fertility Program - TLC uses a spring and fall fertilization program for the majority of landscape plants. Palm fertility programs are also available.

Insect and Disease Program - TLC has developed an application program to properly control a large variety of pests in our landscapes.

Palms - TLC has over 17 years experience dealing with palms and their unique problems. We have a variety of fertilizers and micro-nutrient supplements to help your Palms stay healthy.

Ornamental Bed Care

TLC also offers one of the most popular services in the area – “Ornamental Bed Weed Control”. This program consists of quarterly applications of weed control products to control and prevent weeds in the landscape beds. It will reduce the amount of weeds that need hand pulled by over 95%.
Weed Control Program - TLC has an excellent program available quarterly to control unwanted weeds in your landscape plantings.

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